Old Navy – Internal Employee Site

Old Navy contracted me to build an internal website for their employees’ use. My solution was to create a simple brochure website, that could accommodate 30+ screens, including templatized webpages. I art directed the UI and dictated the UX while producing all of the web/designs assets. Collaborating with an internal web team and a project manager, I developed a project scope, established timelines, prepared design iterations, and delivery. The project took 2 months to complete.

This website had the following requirements:

  1. Look like an Old Navy branded asset.
  2. House and display pertinent employee information that could be easily updated by the client.
  3. Obviously, this site had to be light and mobile-friendly.
  4. Although the site was to be built in HTML 5, CSS and some light Javascript, a light Adobe CQ 5 wrapper was to be included. This allowed the client to add pages and content as needed.
Due to NDA restrictions, I could not display any real images or content that were used on this site. Many of the screens were so heavily content latent, that it made little sense to display them here
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  • Date published : 24 May, 2015